Uber/Lyft possible shut down in California:

Uber and Lyft have said they might temporarily suspend their services in California in reaction to new gig-worker employee regulation. Uber has warned that the shutdown could last months. 

We hope that this shut down does not go ahead, but we want to be here to support you whatever happens.

What can you do?

If there is a shut down of Uber/Lyft in California, there is not much any of us can do to stop it.  But to help protect yourself and secure your earnings there is one thing you can do today:

Sign-up for more apps:

If you already drive for Uber, now is the time to sign-up for Lyft, DoorDash, Postmates and Instacart too. 

That way, if Uber shuts down, you can earn money on Lyft. If Lyft shuts down, you still have DoorDash, Postmates etc…

OXO’s team can help you in signing-up for these platforms. To get started, text “APPS” to (415) 480-7474

Thank you!

We think you are doing great work out there – getting people to the places they need to be, bringing meals and groceries to those who can’t go outside. The threat of an Uber/Lyft shut down makes these hard COVID times even harder. 

We want to be here for you and help you anyway we can.

Team OXO