James Pelly

James Pelly

I’m happiest when walking.

After studying Chinese and English Lit. at Cambridge University (yup, I’m a Brit) I trekked across a chunk of the Middle East and Northern China. Even now, I’ll often take my meetings walking around Downtown San Francisco.

Tevon Strand-Brown

Head of Engineering
I love paper, ink, and building things

I recently graduated from Stanford and am motivated by making things more efficient.

Elizabeth Awad

Software Engineer Intern
I like finding simple ways to solve challenging problems

I’m a sophomore at Stanford studying Management Science and Engineering from the great country of Texas. Whether I’m coding or baking, you’ll always find a smile on my face.

Ben Clark

Software Engineer Intern
When I’m not coding or reading I’m (sometimes) curling

San Diego native with a love of things that bring people together – olympics, physics, films, volunteering, OXO, or otherwise.

Allen Zhu

Software Engineer Intern
I like to just go for it!

From improvising across jam sessions to hacking engineering projects, I hustle to create and make things work.