We are an international team of data scientists, engineers and an MBA who came together through Stanford University and are now based in San Francisco.

We are dedicated to leveraging technology for positive impact – on people’s lives and the environment around us.

OXO’s team does whatever it takes – from coding new versions of the mobile applications to serving yogurt parfait at events to meet and greet new users.

James Pelly

James Pelly

I’m happiest when walking.

After studying Chinese and English Lit. at Cambridge University (yup, I’m a Brit) I trekked across a chunk of the Middle East and Northern China. Even now, I’ll often take my meetings walking around Downtown San Francisco.

Tevon Strand-Brown

Head of Engineering
I love paper, ink, and building things

I recently graduated from Stanford and am motivated by making things more efficient.

Elizabeth Awad

Software Engineer Intern
I like finding simple ways to solve challenging problems

I’m a sophomore at Stanford studying Management Science and Engineering from the great country of Texas. Whether I’m coding or baking, you’ll always find a smile on my face.

Ben Clark

Software Engineer Intern
When I’m not coding or reading I’m (sometimes) curling

San Diego native with a love of things that bring people together – olympics, physics, films, volunteering, OXO, or otherwise.

Allen Zhu

Software Engineer Intern
I like to just go for it!

From improvising across jam sessions to hacking engineering projects, I hustle to create and make things work.