OXO Owner Policy

This policy applies to your use of the Services as an Owner. For the purposes of this guide, a ‘Vehicle’ means any vehicle you make available to Renters through the Services.

By listing your Vehicle with us, you agree to the following terms:

Maintenance, Safety, and Inspections

Regular Maintenance

You are responsible for obtaining regularly scheduled maintenance for your Vehicle in accordance with all government and manufacturer recommendations (“Maintenance”). The Services may make certain assumptions about your Maintenance requirements based on information you provide about your Vehicle. Upon request by OXO, you are responsible for providing proof of Maintenance to OXO, in the form of acceptable documentation signed by your Vehicle’s mechanic or a OXO approved vendor, or, if available, a proof of maintenance feature on the Services. Should you fail to do this, OXO may suspend the Vehicle from the Services until acceptable proof of Maintenance is received.

Safely Operable

You are responsible for maintaining your Vehicle in a way that is safely operable by any Driver. You may not place in your Vehicle any modifications, devices, equipment, or other items that may interfere with the safe operation of the vehicle.

Regular Inspections

Ideally, you should check the condition of your car and the gas level in between every Service Period. At a minimum, check on your car every 7 days and promptly report any issues with the Vehicle. All damage or insurance claims must be filed no later than 7 days after the end of the Service Period in which they occurred for insurance coverage to apply.

Ownership and Registration

You understand and agree that you have the legal authority to list your vehicle on OXO; and, if requested, you agree to provide documentation of legal title and ownership of your Vehicle and to keep a valid copy of your Vehicle’s registration in the glove compartment of the Vehicle at all times while listed on OXO.

Insurance Policy

You agree to keep in the Vehicle, at all times, any proof of insurance mandated by OXO. In the event of an accident, OXO may also choose to require you to access insurance policy information electronically and email a copy of this information to the other parties involved.

Proper Care and Service Period Procedures


If you agree with a Driver to have them park your Vehicle rather than return it in person, you are solely responsible for all parking tickets, citations, violations, and resulting fees and obligations that are incurred from your Vehicle being improperly parked.


You are responsible for making sure that your Vehicle is regularly cleaned and that your Vehicle is clean at the start of each Service Period. The Driver is instructed to return your Vehicle in better condition than they picked it up and may be charged fees for returning your Vehicle unclean.

Citations and Tickets

You are responsible for all citations that are issued to a Vehicle outside of a Service Period and any resulting towing and storage charges. If your Vehicle is street parked, you are responsible past the end of the Service Period. Renters are responsible for paying any and all traffic tickets or other infractions that occur during a Service Period. We recommend that Renters contact you directly to resolve payment for a citation.


You will not smoke in the Vehicle at any time and will ensure the car is smoke-free. The Driver is not permitted to smoke in your car and may be fined for smoking in your Vehicle.

Receiving Payment

For every Service Period of your Vehicle, you receive sharing fees net of any OXO platform commission. Payment for each Service Period of your vehicle will be sent to you as outlined in our Terms of Service.

Personal Belongings

You should ensure that your Vehicle is clear of personal belongings before each trip.

Other Fees

You agree to all cancellation and late fees, OXO platform charges, as well as other fees and charges outlined in our Section 9 of our Terms of Service – ‘Fees and Payments’.

Payment Card

You agree to keep a valid payment card on file at all times to process any authorized charges under our Terms of Service.


You are responsible for keeping the fuel tank above 1/4 full at all times when the Vehicle is available for Rentals. The fuel tank must be at/or above 1/4 full at the start of each Service Period. The Driver must refill the fuel used during a trip and may be charged fees for failing to refill all gas used.


Cancelling a rental during the specified time your Vehicle is available may result in fees charged as outlined in our Section 9 of our Terms of Service – ‘Fees and Payments’. You agree and understand that any fees charged are to cover the costs of rebooking the affected Driver, for their inconvenience, time or lost income.


Renters are responsible for paying all tolls they incur during the Service Period. However, you agree that if you leave any electronic tolling device in your car, such as FasTrak or EZ-Pass, that you will be responsible for the paying of all tolls billed to that device, regardless of whether they occur during a Service Period. You also understand and agree that you are solely responsible for keeping your car’s license plate information up-to-date on your car’s account, and that you are responsible for toll violations incurred as a result of failing to update your car’s license plate information.

Spare Key

You agree to always keep one key available for use by the Driver and another key in a safe place outside of the Vehicle in case an emergency arises.

Contact Info

You agree to keep an up-to-date phone number and email on your account in case we or a Driver needs to contact you for reasons relating to your Vehicle.

Owner Responsibilities

You are solely responsible for all traffic violations, tolls, towing charges, damage, and other fines, obligations, and losses incurred in relation to the Vehicle (i) other than those resulting from a Service Period, or (ii) arising from your breach of the Terms of Service Agreement, including, without limitation, this Owner Policy.

Claims for Loss or Damage

Insurance Coverage

Your Vehicle may be covered by OXO’s insurance policy solely during a valid Service Period. The terms of coverage exclude normal wear and tear.

Filing a Claim

If your Vehicle is damaged during a Service Period, it is the responsibility of the Driver to gather relevant information and submit an insurance claim. If you discover unreported damage, you agree to file a claim at (833) 696-2270 no later than 7 days after the end of the Service Period in which the damage occurred for OXO insurance coverage to apply. In filing a claim, you agree to abide by the same insurance claims process stated in our Driver Policy. You understand and agree to detail the full nature of the claim and allow time for damage or loss assessment, dispute arbitration, or remediation at OXO’s sole discretion.


Wear and Tear

You understand and agree that all vehicles experience normal wear and tear over time. It arises naturally as a result of normal use, contributing to the overall condition of the vehicle. You further understand and agree that OXO does not insure for normal wear and tear, and we limit our liability.

Manual Transmission

You understand and agree that manual transmission components experience normal wear and will require servicing and replacement. You further understand and agree that OXO uses 60,000 miles in calculating any compensation if your manual transmission fails prematurely and where the cause was due to a Driver. In this event, compensation would be for the remaining useful life of the component that experienced accelerated wear. No compensation will be offered until a claim has been filed and processed fully by OXO.

Repair Estimates

You understand and agree that, in assessing any damage or loss, we will utilize the services of a professional vendor approved by OXO at our sole discretion or an approved vendor selected by the insurance provider representing the liable party.

Personal Belongings

You understand and agree that personal items left in the car are not covered by OXO’s insurance policy before, during, or after a Service Period. You understand and agree to remove personal belongings from the Vehicle before and after each Service Period.