I want to drive for Uber / Lyft. Can I use these cars?

Yes! Absolutely. In fact, you can only use these cars to drive professionally. The vehicles are pre-approved to drive on Uber, Lyft and Doordash. If you want to drive for another company – e.g. Postmates or Caviar – get in touch and we can help you out. You cannot use these cars for personal use. We’re sorry. No trips to the supermarket, circus, IKEA or the beach.

Can anyone drive cars from OXO?

We fight against discrimination of any kind. What matters is that you are aged 21+, safe and reliable.

Eligibility requirements:

  • You must have a valid driver’s license from the state in which you are driving
  • You must meet all of Uber and Lyft’s requirements. They pretty much overlap…
  • Be aged 21+ (you won’t be drinking hard liquor, but 21 is still the minimum)
  • Have had your driving licence for at least a year (sorry, no total newbies)
  • Pass Uber/Lyft’s driving record and criminal record screenings

Don’t worry about requirements concerning car ownership (you’ll get your wheels through OXO!)

Find Uber and Lyft requirements here:

Uber: https://www.uber.com/drive/requirements/

Lyft: https://help.lyft.com/hc/en-us/articles/115012925687-Driver-requirements

How do I get a car?

Send us your availability – where and when you want a car to drive for Uber, Lyft or Doordash. e.g. Monday 7am – 8pm in San Francisco.

We will hook you up with the perfect car right where and when you need it. You can schedule this through our Mobile App, by phone, or over text. After you have done it once, it takes only seconds.

How does the car collection work?

If you’re lucky to get matched with a car, think of it like a first date or a job interview. They should be trying to impress you too.

You have agreed the time and place. Be there 10-15 minutes early. You should recognise your match from the photo of them and/or their car. Greet them with good eye contact and a friendly wave. It goes a long way!

What happens if I show up late to drop off the car?

Sometimes things beyond our control make us late. We get it. And the Car Owner you are matched with should too. BUT it’s important not to be late returning a car.

Being late makes your Match late too. It can make them late to collect their kids from school, or late to a work meeting. Don’t start a domino chain of stress. Be on time!

If something comes up, be sure to communicate with your Match.

Do I get to keep the bonuses from TNCs like Uber and Lyft?

Unlike many other rideshare vehicle solutions, you are entitled to any bonuses from Uber and/or Lyft. Go get ’em tiger.

How does returning the car work?

Returning the car is just like the collection – in reverse. You’ll have agreed the time and place with your Match. You hop out, they hop in.

Every person we know appreciates it when the car is at least as clean and tidy as when they left it. No one wants the surprise of an empty coffee cup or rotting banana skin under the seat.

How about gas?

Always return the car with at least as much gas as when you started the day.

And NEVER leave your Match hanging with an almost-empty tank. We tell them not to do this to you either.

What’s the deal with insurance?

Car owners are required to maintain personal car insurance. TNCs (Uber, Lyft etc.) cover you while you’re driving for them. And OXO fills in the gaps. To read more, visit https://www.uber.com/drive/insurance/

Uber/Lyft deactivated my Driver Account. What do I do?

We are sorry to hear that Uber/Lyft has taken this action. Some people worry this may hit their driver rating and earnings. We care too. Deactivations can happen for a bunch of reasons. Let’s investigate what happened and get you back on the road ASAP.

Tell me about your November Earnings Guarantee!

💸 If you work a full 8-10 hour Rental Period and still don’t earn $200 from Uber/Lyft/DoorDash/Postmates, we’ll cover the difference.

⛽️ You are always required to pay the car rental ($50/day) and gas costs.

💻 Full details of the promotion and how to claim a guarantee can be found on our website: https://joinoxo.com/november-200-guarantee/

We are excited for you to get started!

What's the deal with insurance?

You need to maintain your own personal car insurance – so don’t cancel it at any point!

Renters are covered separately. They are only permitted to use your car for professional purposes – so driving for services like Uber & Lyft. These TNCs (Transport Network Companies) provide insurance. Cover is typically up to $1 Million. If interested, you can find more detail here:
Uber Insurance
Lyft Insurance

OXO holds additional insurance to fill the gaps – like when drivers need to log out of the Uber/Lyft for a bathroom or lunch break.

To learn more, contact us at info@joinoxo.com

How do I get started with OXO?

1. Download the mobile app from the AppStore or Google Play.

2. Tell OXO your commute plans – where you work and when. e.g. 650 California St, arriving 8am, leaving 5pm.

3. We will match you with a compatible professional driver as quickly as we can. When you get matched, you hand-off your car to the driver when you arrive at work – like you would to a valet at the Ritz.

4. Your driver will be back, ready and waiting, when you said you would finish work. Head out to meet them and take back your car!

I’m going to be early/late to meet my driver. What do I do?

Meeting your Match for the day is just like meeting a colleague for coffee, or your mom for lunch. Be respectful of their time! If something comes up which means you are going to be early or late, communicate with your Match. They are under no obligation to accommodate any last-minute changes of plans, but will do their best to sort it out.

My driver is late to collect my car. What happens?

If you are matched with a driver and they do not arrive at the drop-off point within ten minutes of the scheduled time, firstly, we are so sorry! We will do our best to make it up to you. Feel free to cancel your match for the day and OXO will cover any reasonable parking costs you have to incur.

My driver is late returning my car. What happens?

You will be notified when your car is going to be ready and waiting outside.

You can always also contact the driver directly. If your driver does not arrive at the agreed pick-up point within ten minutes of the scheduled time, you can also contact us. We get that sometimes you might need to urgently be somewhere. We will cover any reasonable Uber/Lyft/cab costs you have to incur while we get your delayed car back to you.

Are there any requirements for me to sign up my car with OXO?

As long as they are safe, most cars meet our requirements!

For any vehicle to drive on the Uber and Lyft platforms it must meet the vehicle safety requirements listed here:
Uber: https://www.uber.com/drive/san-francisco/vehicle-requirements/)
Lyft: https://help.lyft.com/hc/en-us/articles/115013080708-California-Driver-Information#vehiclereq

After completing an owner profile on the OXO mobile app, you will be able to schedule your car’s first day. A representative from OXO will take your vehicle to get it approved for Uber and Lyft. After the short inspection, you will be ready to be matched with a professional driver and start earning!

How much money should I expect to make using OXO?

By saving $20 on daily parking and getting paid ~$30 for the rental, you will make around $50 per day which translates to $20,000 a year (probably more than you’d make by selling your car)!

How many miles will be added to my car driving with OXO?

You can expect the car to be driven around 100-150 miles per day. The per mile wear and tear on the car is more than covered by the driver rental fee so you don’t have to worry about going net negative.

What’s the deal with gas?

As an owner, we ask that you never drop your car off with a driver with less than a quarter tank of gas. Our promise to you is that the car will always come back with at least as much gas as you left in it. If you select the option, your car can be returned with a full tank of gas each time. We’ll just send you the bill!

Additional Questions

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to us at (650) 935-5544 or info@joinoxo.com

Additional Questions

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to call or text us at (415) 480-7474.