How does the $7,000 per month Earnings Guarantee work for new drivers?

This Earnings Guarantee offer was inspired by one of our drivers – Joselito. He started with OXO earlier this year and consistently makes $7,200-7,500 each month.

Joselito is super-dedicated. He drives 7-days per week with OXO. He actually joked to us that he wants to keep doing this for at least another 2-years!

Now, not everyone wants to drive every single day. You might want something more flexible. You might have another part-time job you need to work around.

That’s why we also have a daily Earnings Guarantee of $250 / day. So if you want to drive just 2, 3 or 4 days per week, you still qualify!

Anytime you work a full day and don’t make that $250 Guarantee – we give you the difference. So if you drive 9 hours and only make $200, OXO pays you the extra $50.

Sound good?

And this is Joselito with his week’s earnings. We’re proud to have him be part of the OXO community!!


I only made $200 with Lyft today… Now what?

We’re sorry to hear it has been quiet out there… We are here for you!

Send us screenshots of today’s trips and earnings from your Lyft driver app within 24 hours of your rental. 

You can text them to (415) 300-2789. We will assess your eligibility for the guarantee as quickly as possible. If this is approved, we will make-up the shortfall.


  • You qualify for the $250 Earnings Guarantee
  • You drove a 9-10 hour day, but only made $200
  • You sent us your earnings summary screenshots from your Lyft app
  • OXO will review your driver activity and earnings
  • If you qualify, OXO will cover the difference and pay you $50
How do I receive the bonus payment?

Contact OXO at (415) 300-2789 to set up payment.

As soon as we have confirmed your eligibility for the Earnings Guarantee, OXO will pay out the difference between our Guarantee ($250) and what you made. 

Please note, it will take 3-7 days for the money to appear in your bank account.

Additional Terms:

The following terms apply to Guarantee promotions and are subject to change:

  • Guarantee promotions are based on the good-faith earnings you make doing a full (9+ hour) day of work on Uber or Lyft
  • Guarantee represents gross earnings, and does not include the rental fee, gas, or other expenses you may incur
  • Screenshots must be submitted within 24 hours of each day’s rental
  • Driver eligibility and approval is determined at the sole discretion of OXO, and is not guaranteed
  • Participation in this promotion is subject to OXO’s Terms of Service, and OXO reserves the right to deny the bonus in the event of suspected fraud or abuse
  • At most, your $250 Earnings Guarantee will last 30 days from your first day of driving
  • While enrolled in our Rideshare Setup Program, you may qualify for the $250 Earnings Guarantee on days you drive for a delivery app (DoorDash, Uber Eats, etc.)
  • This promotion runs for a limited time only and may be suspended or ended at any time in OXO’s discretion. The amount of the Guarantee varies by market and time of application and may be changed in OXO’s discretion
  • You must pay the full rental fee ($50) each day to be eligible for the promotion
  • Market-specific caps may apply