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San Francisco, CA
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People’s ability to move freely matters more than almost anything. It increases access to education and healthcare, friends and family, employment and opportunity. But affordable cars have created problems. Parking structures in the US cover an area greater than the state of Connecticut. In San Francisco, drivers spend 80+ hours per year hunting for a free spot. That is more time than the average American spends exercising.

To fix these problems we need efficiency. For OXO that means sharing.

At OXO you will build the communities, software and systems that match people driving into the city with gig-workers (Uber, Lyft, Doordash drivers) who need a car during the day. Eliminate parking. Keep cars constantly productive. Revitalize our cities.

OXO’s sharing model delivers many of the future benefits of self-driving cars today. Let’s build toward that better future.

The role

OXO takes a complex interaction — handing-off a car to a stranger — and makes it effortless.

We believe that great design is about more than color choices and spacing. Great design understands the user and what they need, even if they do not yet know it themselves.

You will

  • Translate customer needs into product roadmap. Talk to customers, storyboard their experience, and brainstorm jaw-dropping solutions
  • Answer key questions: How can we guide a user through the onboarding process in a way that is reassuring, but not overbearing? What should our customer service feel like – a close friend, the emergency services, Charlie’s Angels?
  • Earn trust through phenomenal design. Users put their car keys and their livelihoods in our hands. We need to build this trust each day and in every interaction


  • 2+ years working as a product designer
  • Demonstrated burning desire to solve important problems in others’ lives. You achieve stretch goals in an innovative, fast-paced environment. Your teammates see this fire in your work and your attitude. You inspire them to greater efforts and new heights
  • Open-minded: the best solution to a problem may be something you have not done before. You can pick-up the necessary skills, solve the problem, then share what you learned with others`
  • Love working with multiple groups: Engineering, Operations Customer Support, Growth. You can communicate what should be built and why it should be built that way


  • Salary + meaningful equity in a fast-growing venture-backed startup
  • Outsized responsibility and autonomy
  • All the tools you need to do your best work
  • Healthcare
  • 401(k)
  • Relocation support
  • Parental leave
  • Escape San Francisco when you need it. You will be based in SF, but OXO was founded by avid travelers. We believe exploring the world then coming back with new energy and ideas benefits us all. (You will likely have travel buddies if you want them! 👋)

We also offer

  • A technology-agnostic attitude ready to embrace whatever is best for the job
  • Restless curiosity to understand problems deeply then design jaw-dropping solutions
  • A small team that recruits those that make us better
  • Talented supportive teammates eager to help you grow and have you teach us right back