Operations Lead

Full time
San Francisco, CA
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COVID update: OXO has continued to support frontline workers throughout lockdown. User numbers surged with increased delivery demands and more folks than ever needing jobs.

We are now actively growing our team to meet these exciting new challenges. We have an office in San Francisco (right by Salesforce Park) that most of us work out of. If you are not comfortable coming into an office just yet, no problem. We are super open to folks working from home some or all of the time until it is safe for us to be together in person.

About OXO

OXO’s mission is to advance mobility to make people’s lives not just easier, but better.

People’s ability to move freely matters more than almost anything. It increases access to education and healthcare, friends and family, employment and opportunity. But affordable cars have created problems. Parking structures in the US cover an area greater than the state of Connecticut. In San Francisco, drivers spend 80+ hours per year hunting for a free spot. That is more time than the average American spends exercising.

To fix these problems we need efficiency. For OXO that means sharing.

At OXO you will build the communities, software and systems that match people driving into cities with gig-workers (Uber, Lyft, Doordash drivers) who need a car during the day. Eliminate parking. Keep cars constantly productive. Revitalize our cities.

OXO’s sharing model delivers many of the future benefits of self-driving cars today.

We’re a team of talented, hard-working, supportive folks who are eager to help OXO and each other grow. Let’s build toward that better future.

About the role

OXO takes a complex interaction — handing-off a car to a stranger — and makes it effortless.

As the Operations Lead you will help define and build the foundations that power OXO. You’ll work directly with James (CEO), and Tevon (Head of Engineering), to tackle our top priorities.

You’ll spend your time focused on solving our real-world challenges in ways that are smart and scalable. You are instrumental to OXO’s success.

You will:

  • Build, mentor and lead a world-class operations team that is both proactive – anticipating and mitigating potential crises, and reactive – delivering empathetic and efficient user support
  • Determine product vision and strategy with CEO and Head of Engineering. Which issues need technical solutions? Which can be met with customer support? Which metrics or goals matter and how will we measure success?
  • Enable first-of-their-kind dynamic hand-offs (car owners to gig-drivers) with near-zero down-time
  • Scale OXO in San Francisco through new-user onboarding and daily owner-driver match logistics
  • Develop city-by-city expansion strategy with CEO then execute fast
  • Source new insurance solutions to rideshare challenges
  • Co-create the culture that will characterise OXO’s interactions with its users

Your background:

  • Experience: You’ve had about 2-3 years working in operations; consulting or on the frontline.
  • Data: You use data to solve unquantifiable problems. Whether it’s because of your background in Economics or Statistics, or tools like SQL and Looker, you notice patterns in data and behavior. You love to explore these patterns and share findings.
  • Technology: You have tackled real-world challenges through tech (Airbnb, Uber, Lyft, Doordash etc.), through autonomy (Waymo, Zoox, Cruise etc.) or downright resourcefulness (medicine, military, humanitarian aid etc.). You are inspired by technologies that bridge the online and offline worlds
  • Drive: You have a demonstrated desire to solve important problems in others’ lives. You achieve stretch goals in an innovative, fast-paced environment. Your teammates see this fire in your work and your attitude. You inspire them to greater efforts and new heights.
  • Organization: You draw order from chaos. You enjoy laying clean foundational work, documentation and repeatable processes.
  • Learner: You understand the best solution to a problem may be something you have not done before, and learning as you go excites you. You can pick-up the necessary skills, solve the problem, then share what you learned with others.
  • Low ego: You understand that OXO is an early stage company without hierarchy and are excited to get your hands dirty when required. All OXO team members chip in on ‘random’ tasks when needed because it helps move us all ahead.
  • Team mentality: You are excited to be a part of a small team with a large impact. You work hard for the good of yourself and the organization. You enjoy collaborating with all parts of an organization and communicating your work and ideas to others.


  • Salary + meaningful equity in a fast-growing venture-backed startup
  • Large impact on a growing team
  • All the tools you need to do your best work
  • Healthcare
  • 401(k)
  • Relocation support
  • Parental leave